5 D’s in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing revolves around these 5Dsdigital devices( desktop computers, laptop computers, mobile phones, tablet computers, e-readers, storage devices, such as flash drives, input devices, such as keyboards, mice, and scanners, output devices such as printers and speakers, digital platforms(Google search engine: “advertising” business model,Social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn – “advertising” business model,Knowlegde platforms aka forums such as StackOverflow – “advertising” business model,Application stores: Apple/Google Play – “digital good” business model,Market places: Amazon market place, shopping engines: “ecommerce” business model,Media platforms: Spotify, Deezer – “subscription” business model,Affiliate platforms: Commision Junction … – “earn as you perform” business model,Crowd-sourcing platforms: Uber, BlablaCar, AirBnB – “pay as you go” business model,Repository platforms: GitHub – “freemium” business model: you pay only if you don’t want to share your code with the community,Infrastructure platforms (IaaS): AWS, Azure –  “pay as you go” business model,Classifieds platforms: real estate … – “advertising” business model,etc…),digital media( software, digital images, digital video, video games, web pages and websites, social mediadigital data and databases, digital audio such as MP3, electronic documents and electronic books),digital data(Digital data is information stored on a computer system as a series of 0’s and 1’s in a binary language. Information is stored on computer disks and drives as a magnetically charged switch which is in either a 0 or 1 state),and digital technology(Websites,Buying and Selling Online,Smartphones,Digital Televisions,Video Streaming,eBooks,Digital Music,Geolocation,Blogs,Social Media,Computers,Printers,Self-Scan Machines,ATM’s,Digital Cameras,Cars and Other Vehicles,Clocks,Robotics,Drones and Guided Missiles,Banking and Finances etc)

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