Let’s introduce you to the power of Organic Search Traffic, Way to SEO.

Do you want free and high-quality customers for your business? Who doesn’t want 

Every businessman wants it. 

Do you want more specific and closely relatable users for your content?

Every content writer wants it.  

Do you want to get a high response and free visitors for your website or your client’s website?

-Every digital marketer wants it. 

Fail to give the best user experience

Don’t worry, just read the full article

But most of us fail to get an exact visitor to our website and couldn’t find the best user experience. E.g- the users just click on our website and back or they come and read the content fully but give bad ratings on our blog ( If you want a solution then read it fully not folly) or after reading the content they do not share, comment and like. Have you felt this in your blog?

Why we need SEO?

Now, it’s time to introduce the best way to get visitors to your website freely. The word is SEO means- Search Engine Optimization.

#The power of the search engine

More the power of engine = more speed

How you use the marketplace for your business, that’s called Engine.

Here, the marketplace is Google. 

What the first thing to know to start a business?

  • The first thing to know, is the market demandable for that product/ content/ service or it’s not demandable, right?

Can you start your car or motorbike without an engine, it’s never happening. So, first, know the engine and use that in the right way. 

Knowing the customer needs to start your profitable business, this is all about Search.

More search = More accurate customers you will find.

How you find buyers for your product online?

  • You go and search about your products on Google or you can find the buyers on amazon is there any customer for your product or not. So, through the search listing, you go and publish your content with a demandable Keyword. 

Can you start a keypad mobile phone business on this day, no! Why?

Because nowadays smartphones are demandable. So, you have to research the customer search.

Now you know about the Search and Engine, right?

So, it’s time to heads up!

You need to combine the market competition and user experience, that’s called Optimization. 

E.g- how you use your money, spend your money at parties or on your business. Utilize your assets(Goole search) to decrease the level of your liability( problem to get the huge visitors on your website). 

Optimization means you have to install the antivirus first and then that antivirus will save your computer from viruses.

Best way to optimize your business or your website

Why SEO is needed for all content writers?

  • First think about why the users read your content, read your content, from the side of content consumers: they use google (like you) for information, services, or products. Right? (why you use google search?) 

More accurate information = More users you will get on your website. 

Search traffic is free and of high quality. Because they obviously know something about that product and want to know more. So, if your content is more inform able then you will get more visitors. So, go and research about your product if you are a businessman or research about the best keyword if you are a content writer.

Conclusion: It’s the basic knowledge to start SEO for your business or blog content. First, you need to know the principles, because the principles matter more than the techniques. 

Leave your valuable comment and share it on social media or with your teammate, co-worker and reach this content who wants it. 

If I will get a good response on it then I will start a full series of SEO, where you learn from scratch to advance level SEO, with practical Images and make video content for you.

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