Make your network and community Part I

Are you struggling to make your community?

Do you want to build your true friends/customer/lead?

Are you tensed to make your brand? 

Do you want tips for increasing your followers on social media? If you agree to any of the questions above, then this video will help you and changes your mindset.

Why we use social media:

 Personal purpose: Maximum timewe all are using social media to come over form boredom, fun, show our status to the world by posting, know about people, make huge friends like millions of people, right? But you don’t know actually they are your true friends or, not right?

Business purpose: We all are using social media for increasing customers through ads, contents etc, right. But we don’t know that they all are our exact customers or lead, right? because there are huge number of fake people on social media.

Why we should not use social media:

Like before many years in Facebook there 10000 users and 1000 business are there ok. And they post their content, ads and update about themselves and every people got these rights? But what happen now a days, there are like 1 lakh people in Facebook and 1 crore business are there. In future what happen on this business is going down because increasing number of business on social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc) more than users, right?  even every business is facing like this problem. Because they do not build their own social network.

Now you think about how we can come over from this problem right?

Ok, it’s not exact fact but maybe help you to make your own network.

We don’t need to keep posting content on a specific channel and get likes & millions of followers. Your followers are users of social media network, they not your users. So, you have no control over your followers, right?

e.g.– like if you give ads on Facebook, sometime your customers or leads does not get update about you because it’s all about depend on Facebook authority, right? but if you have your own network then you have the power to control your “followers and fans”. Because they are now your users not any other platform. If they actually like your content or services then they will come to your network.

Why we should make our own social network:

You can use social media network to tap their audience, but you can’t build your dream home on rented patch of land. The land owner might ask you to leave same day or keep increasing the rent, right.

Most of us searching on YouTube and do google the “Social media tips” to increase our followers, right? how we get more popularity and how we cross millions of followers on social media, right? it’s a waste of time.

But tips of social are temporary, do you wish that your baby live only for 4-5 years, not right? so why you using social media for your business or company. Like recently TIKTOK banned in India right, there are bunch of people who using that platform for their career but what happen that is banned and their career going down.

“Your company or your brand like your baby”

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If you want to thrive your business for 5 years, 10 years, 25 years, 50 years and above 100 years then you should make your own social network.

Thinking long term is the best way to beat competition. Because now a day’s entire competition is thinking short term.  If you want to make your brand for long term you need to wait and if you had wait for something that will compound once a time, right?

 Suppose if you invested 500 per month from 2 years now your actual invested amount is 12,000, right? and interest may be 1000 rupees by 7% interest, but if you wait for more years you will earn more interest, right?

So, thinking in long term is very important for our life or our businesses.

Don’t be at the mercy of another platform to have access to your audience. Because your followers followed you on social media, right? and you post your content on social media and your followers get them. In this way you help social media to increase their users not yours.   

What you need to make your social network:

You can make your social network just by a domain name and hosting. Then you can make your own website and network.

It’s very easy to build your social network.

          Retargeting customer:

If you want to retarget any customer what you need:

  • You need only name & email Id of your customer, right? then you can easily retarget them by email id.
  • You need real users who have fears, dream, problem, care, and you don’t look only on names or emails because there are a bunch of people who are not your real users.
  • You should build your email list it’s very important.

All of these you can easily get from your website/blog.

Control Your Network:

If you depend on social networks for your traffic/customer/lead then you are not in secure to build a community and you can not control of your customers. How you can control to another’s family member, right?

If you want to control your customers, you need to control access to your audience. If someone else in standing in the middle of you and your audience, you are not in control and you are at the mercy of social network.

That is the biggest problem with most of the people that we use social network for our businesses.

How long social media help us to reach our audience?

Previously I told you that social media is not for long time use right?

so, let’s see some of my concept about reach your audience on social platforms.

  • Several start-ups who build their business model based on social media then their traffic died or lost because of an algorithm change.
  • Everyone is running behind the latest social platform which gives them traffic and they engage with their leads or customers on social platforms but they don’t think long term.
  • Every network will come and die engagement and reach always go down. Like-tiktok
  • People are using less of social media over time because there is niche network that offer better quality of content and engagement.

If you make your own network you can easily reach out to your audience just by mail id and your valuable content. 

How can you control your network?

  • you need to spent more times on your website more than social network, creating content for your website as much as possible. Don’t need to active much on social platforms.
  • Social media networks can give you audience, customers or leads, right? definitely you can get them and put them into your networks.

‘This section is about control your network right. let’s go to nest section’

Nurture Your Followers:

Till now we discuss about why we used social media and why we should not use social media, why we should make our own social network, what are the necessary thing to make our social network, retarget your customer and control your customer. But now the question is why your audience or customers come to your community or your social network, right?

When you start out your network will not be very big and you can start to make your community only by 2-3 members ok.

Even if you have a small following, you need to nurture your followers.

If you do not nurture your followers then your followers, they are not going to bring more followers, right?

‘If now you all are come to my webinar then I need to provide you something which help you, right? if I can’t do this you all guys will not come to my webinar next time. I know that.’ No problem I will help you at the end of the webinar.

Why you need to nurture your followers?

  • The best marketing is word of mouth.
  • You can’t sell a product with advertising alone.
  • Adverting, branding and funnels are just a path to your network. Once people come to your “Network” you need to nurture them and delight them. They will bring others in your network, right?
  • Don’t focus on fame and popularity. You don’t want people attention. What you need? You need real users. Ok
  • Focus on getting results for your network. You will grow slowly but strongly. because now you are not depending on social platforms to reach your audience, right?

 Why we hesitate to nurture our followers, just because if you share your concept, theory with others may be, they beat you, right? no they are not able to beat you because you are experienced and strong more than your audience and your audience are now at the beginning level, right?

So, you have to nurture your followers. Ok

And you can grow with your followers.

So, it’s a time to build your community, right?

Ok, I will make your e-commerce website in free of cost. If you want to build your own business then you can feel free to contact with me. Because all we know that just job not only secure our life, right? “Yes”

Wait for some secrets.

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